The PurpleGuppy Video Game MIDI Repository

You have reached the eptiome of MIDI marvel. Currently, the site contains both MIDI's and MP3 recordings of some of said MIDI's.

The reason this page was made is because I always wanted to dedicate some space on my site to works that I thought were remarkable in some way or another--I always wanted to, but I was just too lazy. Finally, one day, I heard an MP3 of Alluro95's Go to Blazes! Orch-rock remix and I felt it was something that everyone should hear, so I decided that it would be the first file added to the archive. Since then, I figured I should use it to pay tribute to other files as well, so this is now a hodgepodge of my favorite sequencers' work, as well as serving as my own personal MIDI dump (via the JILost section).

Note that no file enters this site without prior permission from the original sequencer, and each MP3 is as the sequencer intended initially. Not all MIDI's have supporting MP3's (some don't need them), and not all MP3's have supporting MIDI's (some MIDI's are just too strange or use too much non-general MIDI-compatible commands to sound good anywhere other than the original sound card), but all have gotten the appropriate treatment. If, by some chance, the sequencer of a particular MIDI can't be contacted (due to lack of any valid or current e-mail address), the MIDI is simply added until I'm notified to remove it.

In the event that you should want to use a MIDI from this site on your own website, fangame, etc., you cannot do so without direct permission from the sequencer. MIDI's should be treated by you the same as they are treated by me--if you are able to contact the original sequencer, ask permission before using the MIDI's for anything other than personal use on your own PC; however, if you are not, then you must remove the MIDI file from your fangame or website upon the sequencer's request.

If you have any "questions, comments, criticism, or critique," as my Psychology professor used to say, then feel free to e-mail me and expect at least a semi-prompt reply.